Southern Association for Vascular surgery

Spring 2020 Newsletter

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Southern Association for Vascular Surgery
Executive Council
President, Term: Jan, 2021
Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr., M.D.

President-Elect, Term: Jan, 2021
William A. Marston, MD

Secretary-Treasurer, Term: Jan, 2021
William D. Jordan, Jr., M.D.

Recorder, Term: Jan, 2021
David L. Cull, MD, MBA

Past President, Term: Jan, 2021
Eric D. Endean, MD

Past President, Term: Jan, 2022
Matthew S. Edwards, MD

Past President, Term: Jan, 2023
W. Charles Sternbergh, III M.D.

Councilor-at-Large, Term: Jan, 2021
Patrick A. Stone, MD

Councilor-at-Large, Term: Jan, 2022
Melissa Kirkwood, MD

Councilor-at-Large, Term: Jan, 2023
Margaret Tracci, MD

Representative to SVS, Term: Jun, 2022
Michael B. Freeman, MD