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2016 President's Message

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Scott L. Stevens, MD
Scott L. Stevens, MD
As the 39th President of the Southern Association of Vascular Surgery, I am proud to announce that our organization is vigorous, growing and on a rock solid foundation. Please take a moment to read through this newsletter. It will demonstrate the dynamic and productive nature of our association as well as the drive, energy and expertise of our membership.

The annual meeting at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona was a booming success. The gorgeous venue was a perfect frame for the powerhouse scientific presentations, and the sunny, warm weather was the gloss on an epic social agenda. Local Arrangements Chairman Sam Money along with April and Taylor from Team PRRI are responsible for orchestrating the terrific social program that we all enjoyed in Arizona. This meeting, hosted by Past-President and First Lady Ali and Marion AbuRahma, was truly special.

Credit belongs to the Program Committee chaired by Eugene Langan. The scientific sessions were clinically important and extremely high quality. Most of the manuscripts will be published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, and we encourage you all to review them. Members can take confidence knowing that the SAVS has the highest JVS publication rate of all the regional and national vascular societies. Kudos to David Cull for organizing a blockbuster Post Graduate Course. This rapid-paced session addressed aortic dissection, radiation safety and medical management of vascular disease. These state-of-the-art presentations showcased the world-class knowledge, leadership and proficiency of those that fill the ranks of the Southern Association of Vascular Surgery. Matt Edwards executed a flawless mock oral exam session. These exams require a huge collaborative effort, deliver an excellent benefit to the younger participants at our meeting and serve as yet another example of the outstanding mentoring within our association.

An icon of endovascular surgery, Dr. Edward Diethrich delivered the Jesse Thompson Honorary Guest Lecture. This eloquent presentation outlined the remarkable metamorphosis that has occurred in vascular surgery. Dr. Diethrich forecasts an upcoming era of “bioconvergence,” where advances in vascular therapy will require broad skillsets and open minds. Continuing on this theme, Past-President Ali AbuRahma delivered a compelling, energetic and timely presidential speech titled, “The role of international medical graduates in vascular surgery.”

As President, I quickly learned that it is Secretary Treasurer Endean who does the heavy lifting for our organization, mostly behind the scenes. Please join me in recognizing Secretary Endean with sincere thanks.

My relationship with the Southern Association of Vascular Surgery started back in 1990 in Acapulco, Mexico. I vividly recall a lump in my throat as I prepared to present the President’s Research Paper before the esteemed membership at the annual meeting. A quarter of a century later, I continue to have profound respect and gratitude for the association and its members. The annual meeting is the high point of my year. I revel in the opportunity to talk shop, learn from the best in my profession and enjoy time with great friends. . The tenets established by our founding members – education, collegiality and mentoring – continue to define the Southern Association of Vascular Surgery. I am deeply honored to hold the presidential baton as the Southern Association of Vascular Surgery enters its 40th year. My aim is to keep a steady hand at the wheel and continue to build the youth and the breadth of this magnificent organization.

Mark your calendars for the 2016 SAVS annual meeting. We will convene at the five-star Ritz Carlton in Cancun, Mexico on January 20-23. It will be epic.