Southern Association for Vascular Surgery (SAVS)

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Letter from the President
William D. Jordan, Jr., MD
William D. Jordan, Jr., MD

As the 46th President of the Southern Association for Vascular Surgery, commonly called the Southern Vascular, I remain deeply indebted to the society for what the group has done for me. The Southern first accepted my submission for presentation at the 1994 meeting and I became excited to be a part of this prestigious group. This is a very unique group. We recently enjoyed a real-life meeting in Florida with President Marston Presiding. The attendance was much improved, the techniques shown in the post graduate course were innovative, and the science in the plenary sessions was inspiring. Wow! Dr. Marston’s presidential address gave us great insight into our past and some ideas for the future – fantastic. Program Chair Hernan Bazan worked diligently to coordinate his committee to provide a solid scientific program. Education Chair Martin Back directed a new style of post graduate course where members shared innovative techniques learned from years of experience. Recorder Megan Tracci coordinated another successful mock orals program and Secretary/Treasurer Adam Beck orchestrated all the moving parts with the help of April from PRRI. We all enjoyed the new world of meetings and some relaxing social conditions. Congratulations to all!

Now, we are headed to another live meeting for January 2023. We had secured a nice property on St. Thomas, but recently were informed that the property will not be ready for our meeting. Instead, our long-time dedicated meeting manager, April Abenilla has secured a fantastic property in the rebuilt Puerto Rico! Finally, after that island was devastated from the hurricane in 2016, the Hyatt Regency in Puerto Rico has been restored and is fully functional. Now, we are able to return to the island and support our citizens there. The location is fantastic and provides many opportunities for educational events and some relaxation with family and friends. PLEASE NOTE: the dates have changed to January 18-21 and the location will be even better!! Mark your calendars, find someone to cover your patients and plan to attend the meeting in January 2023!

The Southern Vascular is commonly labelled the “best regional society” for several reasons. We find a warm climate during the cold month of January, our members submit top-notch science to share amongst their peers, and we have a spirited exchange of opinions amongst the group of vascular specialists – with rare exception that any proud soul will yield their opinion to another colleague. Well, it’s more than that. We are a group built on traditional values who share a genuine interest on advancing our specialty yet open to new ideas on ways to stay relevant in the vascular space. We share our lives together. We share our spirits. We share our values. Now, let us continue that tradition and welcome some new ideas.

As your president this year, I have enjoyed a special journey through the society. I attended my first meeting in 1994 as a presenting fellow in the wonderful setting of Scottsdale. After further scientific submissions, many rejections and some acceptances, I served as requested as committee member, invited discussant, and regular attendee at the meeting. In 2016, the membership elected me to serve you as Secretary/Treasurer for the next 5 years. It was a great honor filled with much responsibility. I struggled for a bit, but was greatly aided by the staff at PRRI, my partners at Emory and the prior officers, especially Rick Endean. This process builds “ownership” of the society, of the people, of the ethos in the SAVS. I truly feel that this is my home, my team, my group. Thank you all for that privilege. Thus, when you also gave me the next step of approval with the Presidency, you gave me an additional honor. The last 7 years now culminate in the position of leading you all. Our society is managed by Secretary Treasurer Beck while the meeting is organized and managed by PRRI. That difference creates a distinction that makes the SAVS the special group it is today. Now, I ask you to embrace this group, embrace your people, and join in the effort of our purpose: advancing the science and understanding of vascular disease to better treat our patients.

Now, it’s time to plan for next year’s meeting. Your research efforts should be well underway to gather the data ready for analysis. The abstract deadline is a few months away and you will need to be ready to submit your top notch abstract. Considering the meeting location, the abstract competition will be fierce to gain access to the plenary session for presentation. Our Education committee led by Benjamin Pearce is already planning an exciting program at the post graduate course. Please contact us if you have ideas for this program as we hope to engage a diverse group of members to add to our program. Your participation makes it all better! We will also continue with the Mock Orals on Wednesday before the program starts on Thursday. Our outdoor receptions and Presidential Banquet on Friday will take advantage of the beautiful venue and the warm weather. Of course, the Friday Banquet will be completed with the Presidential Nightcap and perhaps some extra entertainment. Finally, do not depart too early – the business meeting will be Saturday at noon. That meeting builds the great reason you need to stay through Saturday to enjoy a final day of sunshine before you depart on Sunday. This will be a truly remarkable event!

Your President,

Will Jordan

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